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It is well known that eating too much sugar is bad for your health. But instead, health experts have questioned the use of artificial sweeteners.

A large-scale peer-reviewed study in France has rekindled the debate, arguing that the use of artificial sweeteners may increase the risk of cancer.

French researchers studied the eating habits and health of more than 100,000 volunteers over a 10-year period.

A statistical analysis published in PLOS Medicine last week found that people who consumed large amounts of artificial sweeteners - especially aspartame and acelifam - K - which are commonly used in soft drinks, had a higher risk of cancer. There were more, especially breast and obesity-related cancers.

Research shows that artificial sweeteners, which are used in many foods and beverages in France and around the world, increase the risk of developing cancer, said PhD student and research lead author Charlotte Debrane in a statement. Is.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for many countries.

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