Protests against the declaration of desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden


 In the European country of Sweden, riots have erupted between Muslims and extremists following the declaration of desecration of the Koran.

Several people have been injured in clashes between Muslims and extremists in the European country of Sweden, according to a report by a foreign news agency.

The clashes erupted after extremists announced the burning of the Holy Quran, injuring 12 policemen.

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The riots erupted on Friday evening when Muslims in the central Swedish region of Orebro protested against the burning of the Koran by a far-right group.

On this occasion, there were clashes between police and protesters, after which four police vehicles were burnt, while protesting continued until the third day.

In the footage of chaos and pictures of chaos in Chaos, burning police cars and protesters are also shown by throwing stones and other items on police officers in abusive.

A police spokesman said in a statement that the police party would not revoke permission to hold a demonstration organized by Stream Chris because Sweden had the freedom to do so.

Tensions flared again over the police statement and more than 100 youths started throwing stones at the police while cars, tires and bins were also set on fire.

A police spokesman added that the protests had spread to several cities

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