After two years of research, Meta abandoned the Watch


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, have abandoned the smartwatch plan after two years of noise and research. Not only that, but it has also postponed the issue of AR glasses.

Under the plan, prototypes of the watch had been made, and by the middle of next year, the smartwatch with two cameras was to be introduced in the market and its prototypes or practical models had also been made. But now almost all the websites have confirmed that Meta is not serious about continuing this project.

This watch was named Messaging. Key features include a health and fitness app, messaging, calling, and more. One model was created under iOS and the other under Android. One of the two cameras is thought to be 12 megapixels and the other 5 megapixels. However, the 12MP camera had to be placed on the back.

The proposed wristwatch for both digital and physical use was priced at 300 300, but the plan has now been abandoned.

To Probably factor as to why they are doing so poorly. On the other hand, the first hardware store for the WhatsApp Ray Bean phone was also opened. In addition, Meta has announced at least three high-end headsets for the Metaverse that will be available by 2025.


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