The world's first blood test for bipolar disorder is ready


 After years of hard work, an international team of experts from France, Switzerland and the United States have developed a blood test that can diagnose the condition of pie polar disorder. It could benefit millions of patients worldwide.

A French biotechnology company, including the University of Montpellier in Paris, the Les Twice Psychiatric Center in Switzerland, and the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, have revealed that there are six biomarkers in human blood that indicate bipolar disorder. Can do He then devised a simple blood test based on that.

It is hoped that this will not only benefit millions of people but will also make it easier to identify bipolar and unipolar disorders and depression.

Mood and mood swings are rapidly changing in bipolar disorder. Sometimes there is great joy, sometimes extraordinary sadness and sometimes depression or deep seriousness. This attitude is very painful for the people around him and his family because personality and temperament cannot be predicted.

According to experts, failure to identify bipolar order through counseling may occur. In some patients, it is not recognized for five or seven years and thus the condition worsens rapidly.

It is hoped that six biomarkers in the blood will help diagnose and treat the condition.


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