The presence of poliovirus in New York is revealed

The presence of poliovirus in New York is revealed

After the presence of the polio virus was revealed in three counties of the American state of New York, the governor of New York, Cathy Hoechl, declared a state of emergency on an emergency basis.

According to the International News Agency, New York Governor Cathy Hochol issued emergency executive orders a month after a person was diagnosed with the polio virus in Rockland County, north of New York City.

It should be noted that samples of polio virus were found in sewage in New York, while the first case of polio was reported in New York last month after many decades in America.

Polio was largely eradicated from the United States through vaccination beginning in 1955. America was declared polio-free in 1979 by the United States.

Vaccination rates are very low in some parts of the state, according to New York officials. Friday's emergency declaration is aimed at boosting immunization rates.

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