Warning for Windows computer users


Warning for Windows computer users

Important instructions for users of computers running Microsoft's operating system Windows are to update the system immediately.

According to sources, this new security issue has been discovered in Microsoft Defender, the software that protects your computer from viruses, malware and other threats.

It is able to allow hackers to access your system without alerting security measures.

Windows users face security concerns in Windows Defender's Credential Guard tool, which comes pre-installed on most Windows PCs.

Basically this means that an attacker can access all the data on your system and bypass all your security settings without alerting the machine or Windows Defender, thereby compromising your privacy. There may be danger to possession.

The report reports Windows Defender Credential Guard privilege escalation and security bypass vulnerabilities, which allow a local authenticated attacker to bypass security restrictions and gain elevated permissions on a targeted system. I can help.

A few steps are necessary to avoid this threat and secure your system.

Microsoft has already released a software fix for the issue, asking Windows PC users to fix the issue on their platform with these new versions and update their systems now.

This issue with Windows Defender has been widely seen as there is a long list of Windows versions affected by this flaw.

Most versions of Windows 10 are on this list, while versions of Windows 11 are also included.

Be careful if you have Windows Server 2022, 2019, and 2016 versions as these versions may also have increased vulnerabilities.



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