What's the biggest update in iPhone 14?


What's the biggest update in iPhone 14?

What's the biggest update in iPhone 14?

In this news, today we will tell you what is the biggest update in the iPhone 14 that was introduced in the last few days.

The biggest change in Apple's new flagship phones is the display, even when the iPhone 14 is not being used, its screen does not rest but continues to display various widgets such as alarms and others.

According to experts, this new feature will increase the time of using the phone, now users will be able to see notifications, time, reminders and other things in the lock screen and they will not need to unlock the phone.

Experts said that Apple is not always the first company to introduce new features, but every time it introduces something, its style is different.

According to the Apple company, the lock screen will not affect the screen time of the users, but the engagement minutes may increase.

The iPhone 14 Pro started receiving complaints of strange malfunctions

Recently, the Apple company released the iPhone 14 Pro and now it has started receiving complaints of strange malfunctions.

According to users, photos become blurry when using third-party camera apps like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

  Users say that when they are using other apps, the rear camera in the mobile phone vibrates regularly and various strange sounds are heard from the camera.

 A user posted a video on Twitter showing the iPhone 14 Pro Max camera regularly vibrating while using Snapchat.

On the other hand, the Epic company has announced after listening to the complaints of all the users that the issue will be resolved by next week.


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